Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins

First awareness campaign : Fluttering

This idea came to me at my sister’s house. She had a neighbor whose house had been “flocked” with all of those pink flamingos on the front lawn. I thought what a great concept to raise awareness for pediatric cancer Then it happened to me and I found out it could also be utilized as a fundraiser.

I am proud to introduce…



Dragonflies live relatively short lives but live it to the fullest.. making an impression wherever they go. Jennifer’s nursery as a baby was decorated in dragonflies and they have always been our symbol for her. They seem to zoom all around until they are over the water, one of Jennifer’s favorite places to be.. they hover there.. wings fluttering.. You can’t help but stop and look at them.

We are hoping you are able to help some dragonflies flutter in the month of september to make a lasting impression. For a $25.00 donation, we will send you a fluttering kit, but your time and effort is the true donation in helping to spread awareness.  Starting on the evening on Sunday Aug. 31st, you will pick a friend and put the dragonflies (which are garden decorations) and yard sign in their front yard..aka you “flutter” them.  You leave your letter at their front door so they know what its all about.  The letter includes a opportunity for the household to choose another family to be fluttered for a $25.00 suggested donation. The next night you pick up the dragonflies, donation or not, and if they have chosen a family to flutter you go there and repeat.. if not you pick another friend!

Our hope is this is something everybody can do, a way to help get your kids involved. It’s a chance to spread a little joy.. a little glittery knowledge, and hopefully raise a little money to go 100% towards unraveling pediatric cancer.