Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins

Beach House

We are constantly overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support both tangible and not. I am raw. Like an open wound constantly exposed to the elements. I don’t know how to express our gratitude since we are also staying so insulated with our family of 6. But please know we aren’t taking one single thing for granted. We are raising our children to know the importance of the handwritten thank you note, but I could write till my hands cramped and not thank every one. So please accept my sincere thank you’s through this writing.

We were offered time at one of brothers good friends beach house. I jumped on it. The other day I was crying about how many things I have waited for till later…specifically going to the beach since jlk loves it. I thought it was just too much and too hard. I regret that very much. We



slept in this morning. What a luxury. Just a week ago I was complaining how hard it is to get up to take her to school every morning. The kids just knew we were going on an adventure, but no idea where. The look on her face when she realized we were at the beach was priceless. Although since we obviously don’t come here often enough Nicholas thinks the whole place is called a beach house. My sister in law stocked the place with enough gluten free food to feed an army! So we didn’t have to worry about that. We hung out at the house and then walked to the beach. She ran off with daddy right into the frigid water. Her smile and get laugh are still burned into my memory. I filmed her for a bit. Tony worries about me locking myself in a room and just watching videos of her and looking at pictures one day…. He might be right so I am going to try to pull back on it a bit. The boys played in the sand and kicked the ball together. I am thankful their friendship is growing stronger. Tony and I took turns with her in the water. I loved watching her joy… Her innocence… Her health pouring out of her. She would have stayed forever I think. We even saw dolphins jumping through the water. It was all just perfect., We came back and put a movie on for the kids and my husband and I got a moment to sit and talk. No pressing to do list… No phone calls and no guilt. It felt great to talk unhurried with my best friend. We ate dinner, did some crafts and baked cookies, then bundled up for a night walk. They loved going out in the night, looking at the stars and climbing dark rocks. The sound of the ocean so powerful. I hope my Jennifer took some of that power inside herself today. Gaining strength to fight and beat these damned odds. And the kids laughed. Goofy silly giggly laughs. Brothers and sisters… Best friends without a care in the world…………….