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a little update

I wanted to give a businessy type update. We are in the process of getting our 501c3 (non-profit) paper work ready to submit to the government.

It only take 100 hours!!!!!

Literally that’s how long they estimate it takes. My mom is a lawyer and has taken on this challenge.

We are building our board. We will be having our first meeting sometime in June.

New website is half way done. Meeting with the designers this weekend to keep working on it.

Rummage for a Cure. One of our fundraising ideas… basically garage/rummage/yard sales, with the proceeds going to Unravel Pediatric Cancer. .. which right now all the proceeds from anything we do is going directly to the Jennifer Lynn Kranz fund at Stanford. Hoping to be ready to launch that the mid summer.

Taking our time doing everything… in the hopes we do it mostly right the first time. We appreciate all the support and encouragement more than we can possibly explain.